Local MP’s dismay at Post Office job cuts

Gavin Strang MP expressed his dismay this week at the news that 15000 jobs were to go in the postal service industry.

The news was broken at the beginning of the week by Consignia, the new name for the Post Office, that plans were afoot to cut costs dramatically.

Gavin, along with a growing number of MPs at Westminster, feels that the decision by the postal services regulator, Postcomm, to open the monopoly previously held by the Royal Mail to competition from private companies, could lead to major problems with the daily delivery.

In a debate in Westminster this month Gavin spoke passionately about his concerns for the future of the national postal network.

“There is a fear that enormous damage will be done, and a British institution, that provides a great service, will wither away. The concern is not only felt by trade unions and people in the labour party, but extends throughout the population.”

“My experience of the Royal Mail in my constituency, where I have lived for more than 30 years, is that it provides an excellent service”.

Gavin spoke this week on the new developments.

“It is always distressing to hear that workers are going to lose their jobs. I hope that, even at this late stage common sense will prevail and the Communications Workers’ Union will be able to reduce the scale of the losses and insure that there are no compulsory redundancies.”

Please follow this link to see the Parliamentary debate on Consignia on 12 March 2002.