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Gavin Strang meets Climate Change Campaigners

Speaking at a Christian Aid Climate Change Coffee Morning in St James’ Parish Church Hall, Rosefield Place, Portobello this morning, Gavin Strang MP said:

‘The inclusion of a Climate Change Bill in last November’s Queen’s Speech marked a success for the environmental movement. I was one of a large number of MPs who signed Early Day Motions calling for such a Bill, and wrote urging Ministers to include a climate change bill in the Queen’s Speech.

‘The Bill will cap greenhouse gas emissions and will introduce a legally binding system of carbon budgeting.

‘The Bill will also require the Government to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% by 2050. This target will be legally binding.

‘Many now take the view that 60% is not enough and that the long-term target should be 80%.

‘That is why the Prime Minister has announced that the new independent Committee on Climate Change will be asked as its first task to advise whether the 2050 target should be increased to 80 per cent.

‘Climate change is with us, it is real, and it has the potential to deliver great harm across our planet.

‘The Stern Review has shown that we can move to a low carbon economy without adversely affecting our employment prospects and living standards.

‘I welcome the steps that the Government has taken to address greenhouse gas emissions, at home and within the international community.

‘It is clear, though, that we must do more, and that the UK must respond more urgently to climate change.’