Monthly Archives: February 2004

Gavin Strang MP backs Control Arms campaign

Oxfam in Scotland has welcomed the decision of Edinburgh East and Musselburgh MP, Gavin Strang, to join the Control Arms campaign. The global campaign, organised by Oxfam and Amnesty International, calls for tighter controls on the arms trade through an International Arms Trade Treaty.

The petition already has the support of many tens of thousands of people throughout the world including MSPs, Scots celebrities, John Hannah and Daniela Nardini, and Dunblane parent and anti-gun campaigner Mick North.

Local people who want to find out more about the issue, or who want to join the campaign should visit or phone 0845 900 5678.

Supporting the campaign Gavin Strang MP said:

“I have written to Foreign Office Ministers about this important issue. Baroness Symons replied that the Government ‘are supportive in principle of any measure which brings other arms exporters’ practices into line with our own.’
“I have also signed Early Day Motion 109 calling for a legally-binding International Arms Trade Treaty.”

Musselburgh resident and Oxfam spokesman, Malcolm Fleming, added:

“Oxfam welcomes Gavin Strang’s support for an Arms Trade Treaty. The arms trade is out of control. One person is killed every minute by arms. It is a global problem with horrific local consequences – and it is poor people who suffer the most.

“An international Arms Trade Treaty is desperately needed to stop the flow of arms to those who use them illegally and to help make all our societies safer. The people of Edinburgh East and Musselburgh can make a real difference by getting behind the campaign and adding their voice to the global call to control arms.”

For further information or to arrange interviews with Oxfam representatives please contact Malcolm Fleming, Media Co-ordinator for Oxfam in Scotland on 0771 891 8346.