Monthly Archives: February 2003

Musselburgh Parkway – Gavin Strang writes to SRA

Gavin Strang MP has written to Richard Bowker, Chair of the Strategic Rail Authority, putting the case for a Parkway station at Musselburgh.

Gavin Strang MP said today:

‘Last Thursday the Strategic Rail Authority published a Strategic Plan for Britain’s railways.

‘The Plan states that later this year the SRA will produce a strategy document setting out present plans and future options for the East Coast Mainline.

‘I have written to Richard Bowker putting the case for a Parkway station at Musselburgh, which would be good for the economy and the environment of this region.

‘I also put the case for improved track and signalling capacity at Waverley. The lack of capacity at Waverley is a major constraint on the expansion of rail services to and from Edinburgh.

‘Edinburgh and the Lothians need new investment in the rail infrastructure and improved rail services.’