Monthly Archives: November 2002

The case for a new Musselburgh Parkway Station

Representatives from Edinburgh and Musselburgh met with the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) last Tuesday, 5 November, to press the case for improved rail services for Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Gavin Strang MP, East Lothian Council Leader Cllr Norman Murray, and City of Edinburgh Council Executive Member for Transport Cllr Andrew Burns met with Chris Austin, Executive Director of the SRA and Mike Connelly, Stakeholder Relations Manager.

Speaking after the meeting Gavin Strang, MP for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh said:

‘This meeting was a valuable opportunity to put the case for a Musselburgh Parkway Station.

‘We stressed to the SRA the growth of East Lothian, and the area’s ever stronger economic links with Edinburgh.

‘We set out how the Parkway Station would attract more passengers onto the region’s rail services.

‘The East Coast Mainline is in head-to-head competition with the airlines. In deciding whether to travel by air or rail, businesspeople are heavily influenced by the journey time. Locating a parkway station at Musselburgh would enable the railways to timetable the shortest possible journey time to London. Furthermore the transport links by road into the Parkway Station would be excellent. Motorists driving form the West side of the city would be driving out of congestion to the station.

‘The station would be good news for the rail industry, for passengers, for the environment and for the economy of our region.

‘In turn the Strategic Rail Authority described how a Musselburgh Parkway Station would have to be accompanied by work to improve the capacity of the infrastructure.

‘The meeting was extremely positive, successfully raising the profile of the proposals for the Parkway Station.

‘The Strategic Rail Authority promised to work with Network Rail and GNER to assess how best to respond to the proposals. Mr Austin undertook to report back to me when the SRA has done some further work on the matter.’