Monthly Archives: April 2000

School shows the way for a greener Edinburgh

Gavin Strang MP today presented Portobello High School with the prizes they had won in the RAC ‘Grass Routes’ Competition. The school team – the Porty Path Patrollers – were runners up in the competition which encouraged school children to design Green Transport Plans for their school.

Speaking at the prize-giving at Portobello High School at 2.40pm today, Gavin Strang said:

‘If you ask anyone around here whether car journeys to school make local congestion worse they will tell you about the difference on local streets between term time and holiday time.

‘Congestion is on the increase, and if we do not act, the forecasts are that traffic will increase by over 50% over the next 30 years.

‘We have serious environmental problems on our hands. Road vehicles are creating more and more carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Transport also causes local pollution which can cause serious health problems

‘People also need to be able to travel in safety. Still over three and a half thousand children are injured or even killed on Scotland’s roads each year. And I know that some parents end up driving their children to school because they are worried about the risks posed by strangers.

‘My four transport priorities are efficiency, environment, social inclusion and safety – and today’s event makes a contribution to each and every one of those priorities.

‘The government made a commitment in our Transport White Paper for Scotland to encourage green transport plans, and it is great to have the RAC working with us. And I warmly welcome Portobello High School’s green transport plan.

‘It is vital that we get transport right – vital for our economy, our environment and our communities. And everyone has a contribution to make. I am delighted to welcome the contribution of Portobello High School and the Porty Path Patrollers to a cleaner, greener, safer Edinburgh.’